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ClimbingQTs Trips and Courses

Entering the climbing community can seem a bit daunting at times! Not only is there a new language to learn, concepts to try, a million different ways to do things but there’s also the concern that if you get something wrong, either you or the people you are with could get seriously hurt.

It doesn’t need to be this way however. Climbing skills are just that – skills that can be learnt. And there is a natural progression within those skills. Sometimes this can be expensive, and seem scary. Blue Mountains Climbing School partners with the ClimbingQTs to offer QTs members a discounted course progression that can take you from where you are now to just about anywhere! Start your journey here…..

The ClimbingQTs currently have funding to support the following courses:

ClimbingQTs Introduction to Outdoor Climbing
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Experience the fun and excitement of outdoor rock climbing with the Blue Mountains Climbing School and a group of QTs one-day introductory session. Click through to start your journey.

ClimbingQTs Indoor to Outdoor Conversion
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Need to get back out climbing to feel the sun at your back and the wind in your hair? Learn to safely lead and belay single pitch sport climbs with a group of QTs on this 2 day outdoor course.

ClimbingQTs The Art of Traditional Climbing
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Want to get away from the queues and chaos of sport climbing?  Join a small group of QTs and learn the art of leading on traditional gear and escape the crowds.

From time to time we work with the ClimbingQTs to deliver the following courses. Signup to the CLimbingQTs mailing lists, Instagram, Facebook or Discord to find out when new courses are scheduled

ClimbingQTs are an LGBTQ+ social climbing community and advocacy group inclusive of all identities and backgrounds. The ClimbingQTs  key focus areas are inclusion, visibility, access and education.

ClimbingQTs Multi-pitch Climbing
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Dreaming of airy cliffs and long routes that go for ever? Been climbing outdoors for a while now, and thinking about taking the next step? Learn more about our 3 day Multi-Pitch course!

ClimbingQTs Warrumbungles Climbing Expedition
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The ‘Bungles contain some of the most remote and adventurous climbing on the mainland of Australia. Join the QTs on a 4 day expedition, it might just be the trip of a lifetime!