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Guided Trips
Guided Climbing Trips
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The Greater Blue Mountains offers some of the best climbing in Australia. Styles vary, but the beautiful orange rock surrounded by bush and World Heritage National Park stay the same. It’s our enduring passion and the roots of the business (as you can likely tell from our name). Its a passion we love sharing!

Guided Canyoning and Abseiling Trips
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The Blue Mountains offers unique and stunning Abseiling and Canyoning. Ranging from very accessible trips suitable for beginners with something for everyone all the way through to full blown Multi pitch adventures for people with existing skills and high fitness. Click through to find out more.

Guided Bushwalking Trips
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Bushwalking in the Mountains goes back a very long way, and with something like 3000 km² on our door step, there are no shortage of places to explore. From crystal clear creeks to rugged craggy tops and the ridges in between our passion is for the places that are found when tracks are left behind.

About our Guided Trips

At the Blue Mountains Climbing School we enjoy sharing experiences as much as we enjoy sharing knowledge, and so we offer unique guided trips as well as our courses. We are fortunate that the Blue Mountains is the perfect location to do this in. So regardless of the disciple (Climbing, Canyoning, Bushwalking, Abseiling) the mountains will hold a beautiful, and often, lesser known gem that we would love to help you explore.

We specialise in private groups and in tailoring the trip to the group’s needs and experience (regardless of whether that be advanced or just starting out). Because of this, we can put together an adventurous trip regardless of peoples age, skills, mobility, or ability. If you are uncertain, please feel free to get in touch so we can work with you to put together the perfect trip.

It goes without saying that quality equipment, lunch, and pre-trip advice all go along with our highly skilled guide.

Find out more about our guides.

When do guided trips run?

Trips can run any day of the year except Christmas Day and New Years Day. If there’s nothing in the calendar, please feel free to get in touch so we can set something up.

Trips run on demand any weekday of the year for a minimum of two and any weekend for a minimum of three. We would love to work with you to schedule in a day that suits.

Why are guided trips important?

We believe that they give us the opportunity to inform, educate, share, unite, and inspire outdoorsy types in an outdoorsy setting. It gives our guides the ability to keep their skills honed. Our hope is that the more people that experience our beautiful wild places the more they are loved and the more they are looked after and protected.

Who are guided trips for?

Everyone, we hope!

We do our best to tailor our trips to our clients level of skills, experience, time, and adventurousness. So our guided trips should fit everyone from beginners through to seasoned campaigners with ambitious tick lists.

Just let us know where you are up to!