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Learn to Canyon

Learn to Canyon

Want to go out canyoning with an experienced group and feel like you know what to do and what you are getting into? During this course you’ll cover the essential roping and canyon skills you need to keep (or get!) yourself out of trouble in Blue Mountains canyons so that you can join a canyon trip led by an experienced canyon leader.

This 3 days course includes time on the cliff looking at things like ascending a rope, improvising descenders and back-up systems for abseiling followed by a day putting it into practice in a canyon

This course is the first in a progression towards becoming a canyon leader.


  • Previous canyoning, abseiling or bushwalking experience
  • There are no other pre-requisites, but your instructor will contact you before the course to chat about your experience, interests and aspirations to make sure this is the right course for you

3 Days $825 per person incl GST

For more information or to organise a date to suit you

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This course gives you the skills and knowledge you need to:

  •   Move efficiently in a canyon
  •   Safely ascend and descend a rope using a back-up safety system
  •   Efficiently transition from descending to ascending and vice versa
  •   Recognise, prevent, respond to and solve the most common abseiling and canyoning problems that require self rescue or ascending
  •   Make wise decisions in a canyon
  •   Untangle some of the most common myths related to movement on rope

What’s provided:

  • Free download of full course notes
  • Pre-course chat with your instructor
  • All personal canyoning equipment*
  • Canyoning hardware
  • Course completion certificate (by request)

What you need:

  • Transport to the Canyon. Locations vary, but most courses are run within a 20 minute drive from Blackheath, Blue Mountains although sometimes we may go to canyons further afield. Transport options are available on request
  • Lunch (unless specifically listed)

* We encourage you to bring your own canyoning wetsuit, harness and any other canyoning equipment you have.  If you don’t have anything, no worries, we can fit you out from scratch.

When you book we will send you more information about where and when we meet and what to bring.

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