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I20 student on Til Death Do Us Part Medlow Bath
Learn to Lead Climb (Indoor to Outdoor Conversion Course)


Who is this course for:

Does climbing in the gym leave you wanting more? Need to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your back? If you’ve been dreaming of climbing outdoors or have made the transition and want to solidify your skills, read on.

This course focuses on technical roping skills so you don't have to crank or climb a certain grade.  Our instructors talk to all participants before the course. We’ll ask you about your experience,

3 Jun 2022
Introduction to Outdoor Climbing Course

Who is this course for:

Anyone with a sense of adventure and the ability to walk into the crag carrying their gear for the day :-). We will tailor the climbs to the abilities of the group and can shake it up so that everyone have fun. We assume no previous climbing experience but if you have been climbing before we will make sure we get you on routes that challenge and excite you!

This course is suitable for most people age 15+. If you are unsure, contact us

3 Mar 2022
Outdoor Climbing Course Progression

Entering the climbing community can seem a bit daunting at times! Not only is there a new language to learn, concepts to try, a million different ways to do things but there’s also the concern that if you get something wrong, either you or the people you are with could get seriously hurt….

It doesn’t need to be this way however. Climbing skills are just that – skills that can be learnt. And there is a natural progression within those skills. Blue

3 Mar 2022
Hugh S Wolgan Valley
Two Hugh’s -Trip Report

Two of our Instructor's, both coincidently named Hugh, have been out to the back of the Wolgan recently on great adventure.
The line between recreational and work climbing is often difficult for us to tread, and so generally we leave a big separation between the two. In this instance though, we think the trip is educational, inspiring, and a hell of a good yarn! So we have decided to share Hugh's trip report, unedited from it's original FB format.
So I went climbing

15 Oct 2019
The Dawn Wall Poster Preview
The Dawn Wall – what are they saying???

With the Australian screenings of the amazing new film The Dawn Wall coming up soon, you may be wondering... what are they saying???
We put together anUnofficial Blue Mountains Dictionary of Climbing that might just help, although you definitely won't find a carrot bolt on The Dawn Wall....
To book your place at the screenings go to the link below and use the code BMCS to take advantage of a limited number of discounted tickets to the Sydney and Blue Mountains

10 Sep 2018
rusty old bolts
Climbing on Carrots

Blue Mountains climbing: striking orange sandstone, soft blue haze hanging in the valley, breathtaking views, funky moves and . . . what’s that hunk of metal sticking out of the rock?
Image credit:
If you're new to climbing you might not have come across a carrot bolt yet, but they were once ubiquitous across the Blue Mountains. While you can find ring bolts, fixed hangers and U bolts all around the world, carrots are a local specialty.

25 Aug 2017
Learn to Lead course
Belaying Like a Boss

There's more to belaying than locking off, feeding out slack and knowing how to give a soft catch. As a belayer, part of your job is to act as a second pair of eyes for your climber. Once they leave the ground you may have a better view of some parts of the climb than they do - especially when they are pumped and strung outmid-crux.
But what exactly are you looking out for? Here are a few things to keep front of mind when you’re belaying:
Leg behind the rope
This is of the

27 Jul 2017
Climbing in the sun
Blue Mountains Winter Climbing: Chasing the Sun

Winter Climbing in the Blue Mountains 
We are fortunate to be able to climb year-round in the Blue Mountains. A big part of what makes this possible is the sheer number of crags with different aspects, different angles and different levels of exposure to the wind. In the summer we seek out shady caves in gullies that catch the afternoon breeze, and in the winter we flock to sun-soaked crags to enjoy the golden winter light.
Here are some of our favourite winter sun-traps for

29 Jun 2017
climbing rack
The sticky question of cam care

Climbing School instructor Hugh Ward writes about managing your jammed cams
Have you ever started leading with a trad rack, only to find part way up a climb that your cams are so poorly maintained that you get pumped out just operating the trigger?
Perhaps you've had a similar experience removing gear when seconding?
Well if this is the case, you're not alone. I too have felt this pain, and walked to the very brink of despair trying to resolve it! Hopefully this post can

20 Jan 2017
Misty abseil
Blue Mountains: When to Climb?

The short answer is: anytime!  One of the great things about the Blue Mountains is that you really can rock climb year round.  It's all about knowing where to go.
The longer answer is that prime climbing conditions are in the shoulder seasons (March - May and September-November).  This is when you're most likely to find those stellar days of crisp, cool air, clear skies, flawless friction and fine temperatures that mean you can climb wherever you want without hiding from the rain

1 Nov 2016