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I20 student on Til Death Do Us Part Medlow Bath
Learn to Lead Climb (Indoor to Outdoor Conversion Course)
3 Jun 2022

Who is this course for:

Does climbing in the gym leave you wanting more? Need to feel the wind in your hair and the sun on your back? If you’ve been dreaming of climbing outdoors or have made the transition and want to solidify your skills, read on.

This course focuses on technical roping skills so you don’t have to crank or climb a certain grade.  Our instructors talk to all participants before the course. We’ll ask you about your experience, interests, abilities and aspirations to make sure that we deliver what you are looking for.

Because this is a technical roping course we find people get the most out of this if they have been outdoor climbing before (eg have done our Introduction to Climbing Course, have been gym climbing for a few years or lead climbing in the gym or have other experience with outdoor adventure sports

This course is suitable for most people ages 17+. If you are unsure contact us

What it’s about:

Over two jam-packed days you will learn the skills essential to climbing single pitch sport routes outdoors. This course equips you with the skills and knowledge that you need to:

  • Competently lead, belay and clean single pitch sport routes outdoors
  • Assess the bolts and other fixed gear that protects you
  • Recognise, prevent, respond to and solve the most common sport climbing challenges
  • Make wise decisions in an outdoor cliff environment

Key facts:

  • 2 days
  • Small group (max 6 participants)
  • Climbing School provides all climbing equipment including ropes, helmet, harness, climbing shoes, belay devices, carabiners and other hardware
  • Meet at 8am in Blackheath, Blue Mountains

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Cleaning a climb

I20 student on Til Death Do Us Part Medlow Bath

What people are saying!

Indoor Skills to Outdoor Thrills

Gisele: I did the two-day ‘Indoor to Outdoor Conversion’ course with BMCS this past weekend and would honestly say it’s the best decision I’ve made this entire year. Hugh was beyond incredible – an amalgamation of good humour, the highest of care and focus on his students and their safety, and seemingly limitless knowledge (and patience for my many, many questions about all things climbing). He really went the extra mile – watching us the entire time to ensure we were practising techniques correctly, going up the wall with us or scrambling around the cliff to watch us rethreading the anchors if after much practise we were still a little nervous, checking in with us constantly about how we felt practising falls and climbs, asking us what sort of things we wanted to climb, encouraging us to try harder top-roped climbs, and praising us for good technique (which after many classes in various things I’ve done over the years, I can say really counts for a lot). Even just watching him interacting with other climbers in the area was such a great example of how to be a responsible and considerate climber within the community and a good steward in the beauuuutiful environments we get to climb in. Hugh really curated the weekend to us and by the end of the weekend already feels like a great mentor and friend that I’ve had for much longer than just 2 days! Hugh covered all bases of outdoor climbing and after two days with him (and Bridie and Rob, the other fantastic guides who joined on separate days for a refresher in guiding), I feel really comfortable and confident to go outdoors with others and be able to rely on myself and the foundation of knowledge that Hugh provided – actually knowing what I’m doing, understanding the equipment and environment, and how to have the greatest and safest time climbing outdoors and get out of a jam if I’m ever to find myself in one. Highly recommend if you want to have an awesome weekend and leave feeling richer for it (and a little sad at it being over).

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I20 student on Til Death Do Us Part Medlow Bath