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Mont Guide Hoodie

Mont Guide Hoodie Primaloft I vividly recall my first synthetic jacket (a Montane sample and one of the first synthetic jackets to become available in Australia) a piece that was as much a fashion statement as it was practical gear. Its unique cut and garish navy / orange design set it apart in the climbing, […]

La Sportiva TX Canyon

La Sportiva TX Canyon I’ve not exactly been an early adopter when it’s come to canyon shoes. It took me years to move away from the old Dunlop Volleys, and like most former users I’ll have to own up to waxing far too lyrical, far too loudly, and on far too many occasions about their […]

Summit Gear Solitary 35L Ultralight

Summit Gear Solitary 35 Ultralight There’s a bit of a knack in building a good pack, and it’s probably as much an art as a science. A good pack can be simple – little more than a sack with straps – but still be comfortable and durable. A bad pack can have all the bells […]