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Gift Certificates

About our Gift Certificates

When you purchase a Gift Certificate you will be sent a short humourless automated email confirmation with all the details. We will then send you a pretty printable gift certificate. At this point you can get us to adjust your message or make other changes before you give it to the recipient.

Our Gift Certificates can be used for any of our courses or guided days out and last for 3 years from date of issue.

If you have any other questions or want a different amount to those listed below Contact Us


When do courses run?

Courses run any day of the year except Christmas Day and New Years Day.

Upcoming course dates are available on each course page.

Courses run on demand any weekday of the year for a minimum of two and any weekend for a minimum of three.

Why are climbing courses important?

Who are climbing courses for?

We run courses for recreational climbers, aspirant guides, clubs (University, Scouts etc.), teachers and outdoor recreation staff, military personnel, photographers and more.

Contact us to find out if our courses are right for you or your team.