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Canyoning for Independent Canyoners

Canyoning for Independent Canyoners

If you’re interested in heading out on your own canyon adventures, exploring new places and staying out of trouble while you’re at it, then you’re invited to join us! This 6 day canyoning course introduces you to advanced rigging, roping and rescue techniques specific to Blue Mountains canyoning.  Our instructors are keen canyoners with years of canyon guiding experience under their belts, and they love sharing their knowledge and expertise.

I cant believe I have been taking myself and others out without being on top of this stuff.  You don’t know how much you don’t know til you start learning.  Kelly, Canyoning Course 2015

I feel like I have a sound understanding of principles rather than just rote learning techniques, so can problem-solve in unfamiliar situations. [I came away feeling that] I have a good base to start exploring simple canyons and building experience from there. Would highly recommend this course to others. Sophie, Canyoning Course 2017


  • A sense of adventure and desire to explore our beautiful Blue Mountains Canyons
  • While this course has no other prerequisites, we will call you prior to the course to ensure that you are at an appropriate skill level before the course begins. We’ll ask you about your experience, interests, abilities and aspirations to make sure that the course is right for you.
  • Because the majority of this course is rope based previous canyoning and/or abseiling experience is helpful, but not mandatory

Next Available / Upcoming Course Dates

This 6 day course can be run as an intensive that runs the 3 separate blocks together allowing you to build on each new set of skills immediately. Our next scheduled intensive is:

  • The Canyon component is on hold – Unfortunately the destructive impact of our recent fires are still being felt in our canyons. Tragically many have been impacted, and most are currently closed
  • Watch this space, or contact us for more information

Alternatively the blocks can be completed separately to allow you time to practice each set of skills before going onto the next block

  • Block 1 dates and individual booking link can be found here
  • Block 2 dates and individual booking link can be found here
  • Block 3 dates and individual booking link can be found here

Each 2 Day block: $500 per person incl GST

Total for 6 days: $1500 per person incl GST

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In this course you’ll cover the essential roping and anchor skills you need to keep (or get!) yourself out of trouble in Blue Mountains canyons. The first four days you’ll be on the cliff looking at things like ascending a rope, improvising descenders and back-up systems for abseiling. You’ll also be learning advanced rope skills like how to set top belays, rescues and hauls, so you can lead groups of less experienced people into canyons.

The final 2 days are where it all comes together in the canyons, putting your new skills into practice negotiating tricky obstacles, assessing anchors and learning how to back-up and test anchors that leave a little to be desired.

What’s provided:

  • Comprehensive Blue Mountains Climbing School course notes (electronic)
  • Abridged course notes (printed) for note-taking during the course
  • Pre-course chat with your instructor
  • All personal canyoning equipment including helmet, harness, dry bag, backpack*
  • Canyoning hardware (ropes, carabiners, slings, traditional protection etc.)

If required:

  • Rain jacket
  • Thermals and fleeces

What you need:

  • Transport to the crag. Locations vary, but most courses are within a 20 minute drive from Blackheath, Blue Mountains. Transport options are available on request
  • Lunch (unless specifically listed)

* We encourage you to bring any canyoning equipment you have.  If you don’t have your own gear yet no worries, we can fit you out from scratch.

When you book we will send you more information about where and when we meet and what to bring.

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