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RAWQ Level 1 – Lowering

Level One: Lowering In Level One, participants delve into the art of lowering rescues. Refresh your knowledge of top belays and rope ascending systems and master the techniques required to safely and effectively lower a climber in various scenarios. This foundational level focuses on building a solid understanding of rope systems, safety checks, and communication, ensuring that climbers can respond adeptly to situations that demand controlled descent.

Throughout the day you will practice these skills on the ground and on the wall, in order to progressively gain confidence and hopefully inspire you with new adventure ideas.


  • 1 day
  • Small group ( 4-5 people per instructor, maximum 8 people in the group )
  • Minimum 4 participants
  • Participants must bring climbing equipment including ropes, helmet, harness, climbing shoes, belay devices, carabiners and other hardware.
  • Meet at 8.00am in the Blue Mountains (location TBC)


  • This course is targeted to women and queer participants.
  • This course is conducted in a single pitch environment.
  • This course is designed for outdoor climbers with personal climbing gear, confident outdoor leaders at grade 18 and competent belayers.
  • This course is suitable for most people ages 14+. If you are unsure contact us


  • Climbing safety protocols
  • Climbing ethics
  • Crag stewardship


  • All personal climbing equipment
  • Climbing hardware (ropes, draws and belay devises, slings and locking carabiners)
  • Transport to the crag. Locations vary, but most courses are within a 20 minute drive from Blackheath, Blue Mountains.
  • Clothes suitable to the weather
  • A pack to carry stuff to the crag
  • Lunch, snacks and water (min 1.5L) for the day

Let us know on booking if you need help with any of these requirements

$50 per person incl GST (This course is heavily subsidised –  the rest is funded through RAWQ and with thanks from Arcteryx)