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RAWQ is a community initiative dedicated to fostering empowerment and inclusivity within Blue mountains climbing community. Our primary focus is on uplifting gender identities underrepresented in adventure climbing, creating a vibrant space where climbers of all backgrounds can come together to learn, share experiences, and grow.

If you are passionate about adventure climbing and are committed to promoting diversity and inclusion, RAWQ welcomes you with open arms. Together, we can reshape the climbing landscape, making it a more accessible and enjoyable to experience for everyone.

Stay safe, stay psyched!

Partnering with Blue Mountains Climbing School and Arcteryx

RAWQ is delivering the first Rescue Progression Series in 2024.

The course is heavily subsidised, aiming to break down financial barriers and contribute to a more diverse and thriving climbing culture.


Embark on a learning journey with RAWQ’s Rescue Progression Series, a comprehensive course designed to equip adventure climbers with essential skills and confidence to navigate challenging situations. This series is structured into four levels, each meticulously crafted to build upon the previous, culminating in an exhilarating real-world application of acquired skills on a multi-pitch route, moving through breathtaking and exposed Blue Mountains cliff faces.

RAWQ It's Nuts
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This course aims to provide the essential skills necessary to start your career as a traditionalist. Whether you’re envisioning a speed run up the nose with your buddy Alex Honnold or aiming to send cobra crack next season, good gear placements are essential to reach your full adventure potential.

RAWQ Level 1 - Lowering
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Level One: Lowering: participants delve into the art of lowering rescues. Master the techniques required to safely and effectively lower a climber in various scenarios. This foundational level focuses on building a solid understanding of rope systems, knots, and communication, ensuring that climbers can respond adeptly to situations that demand controlled descent.

RAWQ Level 2 - Raising
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Level Two: Raising: Elevate your skill set as we shift the focus to raising rescues. Participants learn advanced techniques for efficiently and securely raising a fellow climber. From mechanical advantage systems to efficient teamwork, this level enhances climbers’ ability to respond to emergencies and execute rescues with precision, fostering a culture of safety and support within the climbing community.

RAWQ Level 3 - Committing
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Level Three: Committing is a single day course that confronts participants with the intricacies of committing situations, such as rap-in climbs and multi-pitch endeavours. This level emphasises on retrievable abseil set-ups and efficient ascending systems, communication strategies and adaptive problem-solving, preparing climbers to navigate complex climbing environments with confidence, make informed decisions and foresee preventable mishaps.

RAWQ Level 4 - Climbing Out
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Level Four: Climbing out – The pinnacle of the Rescue Progression Series, Level Four, offers participants the opportunity to integrate and apply their acquired skills in the epic environment of Pierces Pass. Engage in a multi-pitch climb under the guidance of experienced instructors, putting theory into practice. This level is the ultimate test of proficiency and readiness, providing a real-world experience that solidifies the lessons learned throughout the series.